The Cradle King - James VI's Childhood at Stirling Castle




To mark the anniversary of James VI's coronation in Stirling on 29 July 1567, we will dedicate a weekend at Stirling to the childhood of James VI at Stirling Castle, covering the period of 1566 until 1579.

Bringing Up the Babies

Come and join us in the Royal Apartments between 11am and 3.30pm on Saturday and Sunday to hear from our Living History performers how a Royal Child was raised from birth, and how their lives would compare to that of others their age.              

Themed tours

Themed guided tours will take place on both days and focus on the main aspects of James VI's childhood at Stirling Castle - his baptism in 1566, his coronation in 1567, and his education under George Buchanan in the 1570s. The tours will be offered at 11.30am, 1.30pm, and 3.30pm.

Living History: 11am-3.30pm

Themed tours: 11.30am, 1.30pm, and 3.30pm.