Things to do

There's so much to see and do at Stirling Castle. Here are just a few things we think you'll enjoy when you visit us.

Get a taste of the past

See the kitchen staff hard at work as they prepared meals for royalty.

Find out about the food of the past and the fancy dishes that were set before the King and Queen.


Fun in the Palace Vaults

The palace vaults are a great place to learn about the people who helped build the palace and others who worked for the King and Queen.  

There are five vaults you can visit (Painter, Carver, Tailor, Musician and Jester) each with different games and activities.  

Stirling Skeletons 

Discover the secrets of the Stirling Skeletons.

Visit the Castle exhibition in the Queen Anne Gardens and see how our scientists were able to turn a skeleton in to a lifelike model!

Meet the Characters

Travel back in time to the Royal Stewart Court. Meet the King and Queen’s servants who will tell you about their jobs and life at the castle. 

Ask them to tell you about the oldest football in the world, and if you're feeling brave, you can also enter the Lion’s Den where the King’s pet lion keeps guard!

Queen Anne Garden

Visit our lovely big garden and see the beautiful views, the twin beech tree and new flowers.

Have fun pretending to be a knight or princess or just practice your cartwheels. Mums and dads can enjoy a rest and watch you play safely!